Year Of the DUI

You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

There are many songs, quotes, etc. about when you’re down on your luck you find out who your friends are. I thought I had a lot of quality friends before my DUI and people I didn’t necessarily consider a good... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Jail

I turned myself in on Friday evening. The law carted me to booking, which was only a short walk down the street. After I was booked they took my belongings, finger printed me, took my pictures, and I saw the... Continue Reading →


Sobriety is hard. When everyone around you drinks it’s hard to say no. Every friend of mine is a drinker. We go out, we get drunk, we have fun. But I legally am not allowed to have even a sip... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Acceptance.

The beginning of the end. Or is it? It's the beginning of my journey of the year of the DUI.

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